Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March meeting

Hello Ladies,
Just a quick reminder that we have our meeting tonight and that guests are FREE.                                     

To avoid bombarding you with a mountain of emails here is a list of current invitations from fellow WIs;

Hurley WI
St Nicholas Park WI
Curdworth WI
April 7th  Silk painting
May 10th Ludlow for Spring Festival £12-£15 coach trip
April 25th Fashion Show
May 19th History of Hurley
May 15th Pamper evening

Austrey WI
Ansty and Shilton  WI
Arden Group Events (our local group)
April 10th Life of a maid
June 12th Work of the British Legion
May 1st Games evening
May 8th Old Time Evening, Kingsbury Methodist Church, 7.30pm. Competition - A Dance Card-any medium.  £4 inc food.

July 10th Poetry for fun
September 11th The silk route
Lillies WI
June 12th Pud Off competition
October 9th Costume Museum, Kingsbury Methodist Church, 7.30pm. Competition – Knitted socks/mittens for adults-plain wool. £4 inc food.

 It would be nice if we could support some of these events, especially our local group. If you would like further details please email me and I will send them to you. Please email me direct if you are able to attend and I will reply on your behalf. The coach trip requires a quick response. We can arrange for shared transport where appropriate.
Kind Regards,