Friday, 16 August 2013

Saltisford Canal Trust

Saltisford Canal Trust

Dear WI Members

The Saltisford Canal Trust (located by the canal bridge next to our offices at Corunna Court) is holding a heritage weekend 14th and 15th September.  They have asked WFWI if they would like to have a cake stall and the Trustees would be very grateful if any members could contribute cakes and preserves.  Cakes would have to be whole ones, on paper plates and wrapped in clear plastic and taken to the canal centre on the day.

I am attaching a description (link above) of the event that I took from their website and I must say, it does sound as if the canal trust is offering a good day out!

If any of you would be willing to make cakes, please contact Veronica Chapman (Home & Leisure Sub-committee) on 01926 403648.


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